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Return of goods

It may be necessary to return goods to a supplier for a number of reasons including:

  • Over supply
  • Goods received were in a damaged condition
  • Supply of an incorrect item
  • Exchange for alternative goods

When discrepancies in deliveries require the return of goods to suppliers, financial units should return items to the Central Store not directly to the supplier.

When you are returning goods, advise the Purchasing section without delay providing the following information:

  • Requisition Number
  • Order Number
  • Invoice Number, if available
  • Reason for the return and whether an exchange of goods is required.

The Purchasing section will put a hold on payment until the order is corrected.

In most cases a driver from the Central Store will collect the goods and documentation the next day.

After preparing the appropriate paperwork, the Purchasing section will arrange to return the goods or ask the supplier to collect the goods.


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