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Purchasing office materials

The University has a level of service agreement with Boise Cascade for the supply of stationery and other office supplies.

If you have any questions about office supplies, contact the Purchasing section x7251.

This topic includes:

Placing an order

To place an order with Boise Cascade, use the pre-numbered Macquarie University customised order form in conjunction with the Catalogue and Price List. (Do not use Finance One or the obsolete Store Requisition Forms). Financial unit administrators can obtain pre-numbered forms from the Purchasing section.

The most commonly used Macquarie University products are listed individually on the pre-numbered order form and are ordered by completing the quantity required against each item.

For convenience, the products are grouped together in categories on the order form.

Products not listed can be ordered using the Other Items section on the last page of the form.

Ensure that you fill out the order header on the top of each page to be faxed, ensuring all required information is provided and the order form is authorised by an officer with sufficient financial authority.

On the order form the following details are listed:

Item on order form Meaning
Product code As per catalogue
Product description including size and colours
Unit of issue For example,  Each, Packet of 4, Box. This is the minimum unit of sale for the product. If the unit of issue is, for example, packet or box, the product can only be supplied packaged as described, that is, the pack cannot be split.
Quantity Number of units of issue. For example, if you want 12 items that are packaged as 4 to a box, order 3 boxes not 12 items.

Completed order forms are to be faxed in accordance with University arrangements to (02) 9644 3315. Telephone orders are not accepted.

Where a product in the University agreement is temporarily out of stock, an equivalent or superior product is automatically supplied for the same price or lower if available. If a substitution is not acceptable, you must note this on the order form.

Delivery times

Orders are delivered to the location specified on the form within the delivery guidelines agreed to by Macquarie University .

Next working day delivery applies to orders received before 4:00pm.

Delivery and acceptance process

The delivery and acceptance process is as follows:

  1. Goods are delivered to an agreed delivery point with a 3-part document. The green copy is to be signed by the person receiving the goods from the courier and that copy returns with the courier to Boise Cascade as Proof of Delivery.
  2. The person receiving the goods from the courier must promptly forward the Invoice (black copy) to Accounts Payable.
  3. The purple copy is the Pro Forma Invoice and is to be forwarded to the appropriate person in the financial unit.
  4. The goods must be checked to ensure that the goods delivered are consistent with the information on the Pro Forma Invoice and order form. If there are any discrepancies between the goods delivered and the delivery documentation, note the discrepancy on the delivery documentation and contact the Customer Service Office of Boise Cascade on (02) 9644 2485 within one working day of receipt of goods.
  5. Communicate the agreed adjustments arising from discussions with Boise Cascade to Accounts Payable.
  6. Keep the Pro Forma Invoice (purple copy) as a record of goods received.

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