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Purchasing library-type materials

The purchase of library-type materials is governed by a University Policy. This policy applies to all purchases of library-type materials from University funds by any person on campus.

This topic includes:

One library

The Mitchell Rules of the Library state that there is to be only one library on Campus. No collections of materials are to be held in any subsidiary or separate library. For further information, contact the Deputy University Librarian.

Library material categories

Library materials include the following categories:

  • Books and monographs
  • Journals and serials
  • Reprints
  • Audio tape recordings
  • Video tape recordings
  • Maps, charts and diagrams.

Further information on Library services is provided in the Academic Manual.

Library acquisitions

If any materials are to be added to the Library collection, the Library Acquisitions Staff must be consulted prior to the purchase. In most cases, the materials should be ordered by the Library staff using the Library Acquisition System. In exceptional cases, such as an overseas trip, other staff are permitted to directly purchase materials by arrangement with the Library Acquisitions section.

Direct financial unit orders

Financial units are permitted to order certain categories of library-type material without reference to the Library. Generally these items are purchased from financial unit funds and do not become part of the library collection. 

The categories are:

  • Orders for subscriptions of limited duration, usually to be sent to individuals
  • Reprints of journal articles by academic staff and payment of page charges
  • Orders for one-off items including books, audiovisual material, maps and test materials which are to be housed in the financial unit and the source of supply is known to the financial unit
  • Materials ordered from the Co-op Bookshop (or other bookshops) to be located in the financial unit.

Items in these categories may be ordered either through the library or using normal purchasing procedures.

Advisory services

The Library staff are happy to provide an advisory service to financial units and to order materials on their behalf where appropriate.

Ownership of library materials

All materials purchased with University funds become the property of the University and must remain under the University's control.

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