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Alcohol purchases

The purchase of pure alcohol is subject to regulation by the Australian Customs Service.

This topic includes:

Complying with Customs regulations

The Australian Customs Service regulations require the University to apply for approval to acquire and use un-denatured spirits (pure alcohol). Approval is given on a three-yearly basis subject to the spirits being used only for research and controlled experiments.

The Purchasing section co-ordinates data on financial unit requirements and applies for approval on behalf of the University each three years.

Each three years, the Purchasing section sends a Customs Office form to each financial unit that makes alcohol purchases. Financial units are required to nominate their sources of supply, and the quantities used annually from each supplier. Financial units return the completed forms to the Purchasing section who make application on behalf of the whole University.

Making a purchase

Once approval has been granted, purchases can be made through the normal purchase requisition system.

Sources nominated should not be altered during the year, nor should quantities ordered exceed those specified without prior approval from the Australian Customs Service. 

Purchasing alcohol for the first time

If your financial unit has not purchases alcohol before, you need to contact the Purchasing section who can supply you with a Customs form. When your requirements have been approved by the Customs office, you can purchase alcohol through the normal purchase requisitions system

Storage and recording

Financial units are required to keep records of receipt and usage. These records are subject to regular and unannounced examination by Customs personnel.

The alcohol must be stored in a secure area of the laboratory according to occupational health and safety regulations. The records showing details of use must be authorised by a supervisor and kept with the alcohol.

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