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Expressions of interest

The calling for expressions of interest is an invitation to interested parties to indicate their capability to supply goods or services required by the University. This is generally the first step in a two-stage process designed to assess capability factors of the parties responding before proceeding to seek detailed bids through the submission of tenders.

Expressions of interest are used to:

  • Identify the market, for example, to assess the capability, background, expertise and experience of potential suppliers
  • Identify available or possible products, services or solutions
  • Pre-qualify suppliers or supplies before the further soliciting of bids.

The Purchasing section can provide advice and assistance in relation to expressions of interest.

Calling for expressions of interest

To obtain expressions of interest, follow and fully document each of these steps:

  1. Decide on the general details of the goods and services required but avoid over-specification.
  2. Design the advertisement.
  3. Choose which major newspapers or specific trade publications to advertise in and arrange advertisement through the Purchasing section.
  4. Evaluate the responses received and make a decision on whether to proceed. Your evaluation should eliminate impractical or inappropriate bids before arriving at a suitable short list.

If you decide to proceed, follow the appropriate tendering or quotation procedure.



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