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Submitting a purchase requisition

Many financial units have nominated officers to submit purchase requisitions. These nominated officers have access to Finance One to enter the requisition.

Make your purchase request to the nominated officer using a suitable form. A suggested Internal Purchase Requisition (Word) form is available.

This topic includes:

Entering the requisition into Finance One

  • The administrative should check and complete any details so that the requisition can be entered into Finance One. This includes details of supplier (if known), account codes, and a full description of the item.
  • The Officer should check whether quotations are required and have been obtained, or whether to request quotations or other assistance from the Purchasing section.
  • An officer who is not the requester and who has financial delegation to approve the transaction should sign the Internal Purchase Requisition form.
  • The form should be used as the input form for the transaction to be entered into Finance One.

Checking of the requisition

Every requisition is checked by the Purchasing section and where appropriate an official University order is raised through Finance One. The authorisation for a requisition is in the name of the user who gives the electronic approval for that transaction. This is a permanent record.

When required, the Purchasing section negotiates with suppliers, obtains quotations and advises the financial unit of the outcome.

The Purchasing section may also recommend changes to the requisition based on information not known to the financial unit.

Any significant change to a requisition is notified to the financial unit. 

Foreign currency purchases

Where suppliers of goods or services are outside Australia , they may require payment in a foreign currency.

Place all requisitions in Australian dollars after conversion of the the foreign currency at the rate of the day. Enter the price in foreign currency in text in the line item description. The Accounts Payable section will arrange payment at the appropriate rate after the goods or services have been received and certified.

Bank charges for providing foreign currency drafts are allocated as follows:

  • If the purchase is from the recurrent account, the charges are borne by a central account for bank charges
  • If the purchase is any other account, the charges are allocated to the same account as the goods or services.

Orders to individuals or staff for services

Orders for services are not issued to individuals or to companies owned or operated by University staff members.

This information is explained in detail in Payments for labour.

Correspondence with the Purchasing section

Correspondence to the Purchasing section from financial units can be via fax machine, x7254, or the internal mail.

The fax machine can be used for most documents except for:

  • Original documents that must accompany the purchase order
  • Invoices

To avoid duplications and confusion, do not forward the original of faxed documents to the Purchasing section. These originals should be retained in the financial unit by the administrative officer with responsibility for purchasing. Records are to be kept together in a central location in the financial unit and may be subject to audit. 

All documents forwarded to the Purchasing section that relate to the requisitions should be endorsed with the Requisition Number automatically generated by Finance One.

High value orders

If the value of the requisition is greater than your delegated authority, mark the transaction 'Suspend and refer'.

A financial unit officer with adequate financial delegation must then login in to Finance One, to retrieve and change the requisition to 'accept' so that an official order can be raised. When the financial unit officer is unable to accept the requisition on-line, it may be printed, signed and faxed to Purchasing instead. 

Orders cannot be issued from the system unless the requisition is in an 'Accept' state. 


Details of any individual requisition (or subsequent order) are always available by enquiry from Finance One. 

It is recommended that financial units check on outstanding requisition by taking weekly reports of all their requisitions in Finance One.

Record keeping

All requisitions must be backed up by local documentation, such as an Internal Purchase Requisition (Word) form filled out by the requester and approved by an officer with sufficient financial authority and filed by the financial unit administrator.

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