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Standard orders

Standard orders are issued for the normal supply of goods and services. This includes:

  • Purchase of goods
  • Purchase of equipment and consumables
  • Lease or rental of equipment
  • Contracts for services or consultancies where the legal requirements are met.

Orders are only issued by the Purchasing section. They are based on requisitions entered into Finance One by the financial unit.

A normal requisition is used to generate a standard order.  Once it has been processed into an order, the requisition no longer exists in Finance One.  Each standard Order Number is unique and relates to a single Requisition Number.

When using Finance One, you can find a transaction by searching on the Requisition Number, the Order Number or the financial unit reference. In various parts of the system, the financial unit reference is called a Requisition Reference, an Order Reference or a Secondary Reference. Most financial units keep a running list of reference numbers that are allocated to give a standard identifier to many types of transactions.

When you have entered a requisition for a Standard Order into Finance One, the requisition is allocated to a designated buyer in the Purchasing section.

After it has checked and approved the requisition, the Purchasing section prints an Official university order and forwards it to the supplier.

The Purchasing office sends a copy of the order to the financial unit.


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