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Blanket orders

Blanket orders are issued when financial units have requirements for a regular supply of particular  goods and services.

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In accordance with Australian Taxation Office guidelines, blanket orders are issued for a particular amount and are valid only for a specified period of time, usually within the current calendar year.

Blanket orders are subject to the same purchasing and quotation policies as standard orders, however the limits are different.

The advantage of a blanket order is that you can purchase goods or services throughout the year by quoting the same blanket order number to the designated supplier.

Raising a blanket order

When creating a blanket order, you should make a reasonable assumption of the total value for the period to assist budget commitment. The total amount of the order is committed when the requisition is accepted.

You raise a blanket order as follows:

  1. Enter a standing requisition into Finance One. 
  2. Mark the requisition as "Blanket order" using the comments field.

The Purchasing section creates the order, forwards it to the supplier and sends a copy to the financial unit.

You can raise blanket orders requisitions at any time during the year. 

Requesting delivery against a blanket order

To request delivery against a blanket order:

  1. Check that there are sufficient funds remaining in the blanket order
  2. Quote the blanket order number to the supplier when requesting delivery.

Partial deliveries are recorded against the blanket order until the amount of the order has been exhausted.

Each time a delivery is accepted against the order, a back-order is automatically created with the balance of the order as the commitment.

Varying a blanket order

For extensions or variations to any blanket order, send a request  in writing to the Purchasing section  with approval from an officer with sufficient delegated authority.

Cancelling a blanket order

If, at some time during the year, you no longer require a blanket order, forward a request in writing for its cancellation to the Purchasing section. The Purchasing section closes the order and credits any remaining commitments to the original account.

Deliveries cannot be accepted against a cancelled blanket order, so be careful not to cancel the order until all expected deliveries have arrived.

Renewing blanket orders each year

In late October or early November each year, the Purchasing section forwards to each financial unit a memorandum with a report of all their current blanket orders. The memorandum requests what action a financial unit wants taken in relation to the following year. 

Options are to:

  • Renew existing order for the new year
  • Cancel existing order
  • Establish a new order.

Financial units can then review requirements for the following year in sufficient time for new orders to be issued at the beginning of the new year.

Financial units have access in Finance One to create blanket order requisitions for the next year from mid-November. Requisitions entered after mid-December may not be processed in time to ensure that the order can be operative from 1 January.

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