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Payments to students

Payment to students are often refunds of items paid for by students. Payments to students can include:

  • Refunds of student fees where a student has withdrawn from a course or has been unable to complete the enrolment process
  • Refunds of fines
  • Refunds of special unit costs such as accommodation or travel
  • Student loans
  • Prizes.

All student payments require the student identification number to allow the student to be uniquely identified.

Requesting payments to students

To request a payment to a student:

  1. Submit a Non-order Payment Request. Include on the form:
    • Financial unit reference number
    • Student identification number
    • Relevant detailed supporting information
    • Account numbers of accounts from which payment should be made
    • Approval by the Head of the financial unit or officer with delegated authority
  1. Retain a copy of the form for financial unit records

Send the original to the Accounts Payable section with supporting documents firmly attached.



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