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Overview of non-order payment requests

This topic includes:

Intended uses

Non-order payment requests are intended for goods and services that cannot easily be purchased under the normal ordering system and smaller value items. Use non-order payment requests for:

  • Utility organisations such as electricity, telephone, gas and water
  • Reimbursement of staff and student expenses
  • Student refunds
  • General university insurance and CTP vehicle insurance
  • Annual renewals where the renewal is issued automatically, for example, vehicle and boat registrations
  • Allowances such as camping and living allowances
  • Invoices that require a cheque to be issued. For example, where a credit card payment is not possible due to the supplier not having credit card facilities.

Excluded uses

Non-order payment requests are not intended for:

  • Goods and services that should be purchased using a purchase requisition or University credit card.
  • Payments to individuals without an ABN for services. These payments are be made through the payroll system. The ATO has very strict rules in this regard.

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