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Making a non-order payment request

To make a non-order payment request, you need to fill in a Non-order Payment Request Form or apply the goods and services stamp, if applicable. 

Allow five working days for processing. Allow additional time for payments in foreign currencies.

Completion of Non-Order form:


As part of the claim, you need to include:

  • All necessary original documentation, such as invoices, receipts and conference registrations. If originals are unavailable, a written declaration/explanation is required.
  • Any additional supporting documentation such as travel logs.

Sign the form and give it to your financial unit administrator.

Financial unit administrator:

On each non-order payment request:

  • Fill in the financial unit reference number
  • Fill in the account names and codes. The account code must contain all 11 digits.
  • Certify the form as required under the Public Finance and Audit Act (1983) agreeing to all the following:
  • Availability of funds for the nominated purpose
  • Performance of goods and services
  • Rates of charge
  • Calculations
  • No double payments
  • Completeness and correctness of account reference

Authorised officer:

All non-order payments requests must be approved by an officer with adequate financial delegation. This officer must not be associated with payment of the claim.

The authorised officer should either forward the form to Accounts Payable or return it to the claimant to send to Accounts Payable.

Accounts Payable:

Accounts Payable staff check the signatures on the form and issue payment as requested.



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