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Motor vehicle allowances

A member of staff, with the prior approval of the Head of the financial unit, may use a private motor vehicle on official University business and may be paid an appropriate allowance to compensate for its use.

This topic includes:

Conditions for approval

An allowance is only paid if all the following conditions are met:

  • The vehicle is currently registered for road use
  • The driver has a current licence
  • The vehicle is covered by a full comprehensive motor-vehicle or motor-cycle insurance policy while it is in use
  • A University motor vehicle is not available for the journey.

If a University motor vehicle is not available for a journey but the Head of the financial unit is of the opinion that public transport is reasonably available, the amount of any allowance paid under these conditions shall not exceed the cost of the journey by public transport.

Gaining approval

Submit the following documentation to the Head of the financial unit for approval of the vehicle:

Claiming a private vehicle allowance

Private vehicle allowances can only be claimed when approval is granted prior to the vehicle's use.

After each trip, the process for making a claim is as follows:

Staff member:

  1. Complete a Non-order Payment Request, including:
    • Reason for the trip
    • Distance travelled
    • Engine size
    • Registration number
    • Reimbursement rates and calculations
  1. Submit the form to the financial unit Administrator for processing.

Financial unit Administrator:

  1. Check that:
    • Prior approval was granted and is still current
    • Reimbursement rates and calculations are correct
    • Account codes are correct
    • The form has been signed by an officer with delegated authority.
  1. Retain a copy for financial unit records
  2. Forward the original to Human Resources

Reimbursement rates

A financial unit may reimburse staff for the use of a private vehicle on University business at the following rates:

Group certificates

Allowances paid for the use of private motor vehicles on official University business (mileage allowances) are shown on group certificates.

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