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Living allowances whilst travelling

Financial units may pay staff members a living allowance while they are travelling on University business.

This topic includes:

Actual cost or daily allowance

Except where the terms of the grant provide otherwise, staff operating under Research Grants are allowed actual costs up to, but not exceeding, the approved University rates.

For living allowances associated with travel funded from non-grant sources, the Head of the financial unit has the discretion to pay a fixed rate or to only pay actual costs up to the fixed rate. The Office of Financial Services recommends that only actual costs, justified by submission of original receipts, be paid.

Actual cost payments should not exceed the approved daily rates.


If a financial unit wishes to pay allowances of any sort to visitors, the financial unit must contact the Office Of Human Resources prior to making any arrangements. Visiting academics may be considered staff members of Macquarie University if they receive payment, in any way, for a contribution to this University.

Claiming a living allowance

The allowance must be authorised by the Head of the financial unit before the trip is undertaken.

A financial unit account from which the allowance will be paid, should be identified prior to the approval being granted.

Staff member:

Financial unit administrator:

  1. Checks that:
    • Prior approval was granted
    • All rates and calculations are correct
    • The form has been signed by an officer with delegated authority.
  2. Retains a copy for financial unit records
  3. Forwards the original to the Accounts Payable section.

Daily calculation basis

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