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In some circumstances, the University provides advances for expenses.

This topic includes:

Obtaining a cash advance

  1. Allow at least 5 working days before the advance is required.
  2. Fill in a Non-order Payment Request form, giving full details of the reason for the advance.
  3. Have the form approved by an authorised officer of the financial unit. Do not approve your own form, even if you have sufficient delegated authority.
  4. Keep all the receipts for substantiation to Accounts Payable

Substantiation requirements

If a cash advance is obtained for any reason, substantiate the claim to Accounts Payable. If the advance is not substantiated before the end of the financial year,  the amount of the advance may appear in the recipients payment summary as a reportable fringe benefit.

Procedure for substantiation of advances

After the event or travel, pay in any unspent money to the Cashier and get a receipt.

Substantiate the expenses as follows:

  1. Submit a Non-order Payment Request Form  and mark it "Substantiation".
  2. Include a statement of expenses.
  3. Attach original receipts and documentation, including receipt for any money not spent.
  4. Have your form authorised by the Head of the financial unit or authorised officer.

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