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Use of University credit cards

The University has a contract with the Australia & New Zealand Bank (ANZ) for the provision of a uniquely designed VISA Corporate card.

This topic includes:

Scope of use

Cardholders can use the card to purchase goods and services in person, or by mail, telephone, fax order, world wide web or email from suppliers who participate in the Visa scheme provided that:

  • The purchase is for University business within the cardholder’s delegation
  • The value is within the credit limit and transaction limit set for the individual cardholder
  • For www purchases, the financial unit permits the use of the card over the internet. 

Excluded uses

Unless a cardholder has specific and written approval from the Card Administrator, the card must not be used for:

  • Cash advances
  • Automatic teller machine (ATM) transactions
  • Bank cheques
  • Over the counter withdrawals
  • Traveller’s cheques
  • Wire or money transfers
  • Gambling chips, casinos, and so forth
  • Goods for private use
  • Personal services e.g. subscriptions
  • Large items of equipment above $1000


The University policies and procedures for the approval to incur expenditure apply when using credit cards.

Business Card purchases must be made in accordance with policy and procedures for obtaining goods and services.

Do not "split" the purchase to get under your transaction limit.

Ensure that funds are available within the budget prior to purchasing goods and services.

Making purchases in person

For purchases made at the point of sale:

  • Produce the card to the supplier of the goods or services to be purchased
  • Ensure that the correct particulars of the goods or services being provided are included on the sales voucher or docket prior to signing the voucher or docket (The description "Goods" or "Services" is not acceptable)
  • Retain the copy of the sales voucher and receipt given by the supplier.

Making purchases by mail, telephone, fax, www or email

For transactions made by mail, telephone, fax, www or email order:

  • Provide card particulars using the Fax purchase order form (Word) or over the telephone for telephone order transactions
  • Provide your delivery address details
  • If you want the item to be delivered to the University’s Central Store, you need to make prior arrangements with the store.
  • Request a copy of the sales voucher or a similar receipt be sent to you and ensure that the particulars on the sales voucher are correct

Reconciling transactions

Cardholders must verify their transactions online during the applicable month. Any claimable expense/acquittal in the Macquarie University’s Expense Management System (Concur) will involve the use of the Macquarie University Business card.

Expenses using the University Credit Card will be pre-populated into the Concur Expense System on a daily basis and can be substantiated at any time after that. However, at the end of the billing cycle the card holder must raise a new “Expense report” and include all transactions within that Billing Period. The dates are subjected to change and will be communicated to all cardholders prior to the month closing.

The cardholder then attaches supporting documentation and forwards the report to his/her Approver/Supervisor for the approval. Once the report is approved online, the report & supporting documentation must be mailed to Business Services, level 3, 299 Lane Cove Road within one month, for final acceptance and filing using the special A4 envelopes supplied.

Managing your credit card

In managing your credit card, you have a responsibility to:

  • Adequately secure your card, PIN and password
  • Bear the cost of any charges deemed by the University to be your personal responsibility
  • Immediately advise the card provider if your card is lost or stolen
  • Advise the Card Administrator and financial unit of any lost or stolen cards
  • Ensure that the credit or transaction limits placed on the card are not exceeded
  • Ensure that the card is not used anyone other than you.

Misuse of card

Cardholders will be considered to have misused the card if they fail to meet their responsibilities as described above.

Misuse of the card may result in:

  • The withdrawal of the card
  • Disciplinary action being taken by the University

The cardholder is also required to bear the cost of any charges incurred by the University arising from any card misuse by the cardholder.

Splitting of invoices or sales dockets to avoid exceeding delegation or card limits is not permitted and is treated as a misuse of the card.

Card return

Cardholders must return their cards to the Card Administrator, if they:

  • Resign
  • Retire
  • Are transferred or promoted to another position that does not require the use of the card
  • Are instructed to do so by the Card Administrator.

Disputed transactions

If a transaction is disputed, the cardholder must attach a copy of the dispute form to the Expense Report after it has been completed and faxed to the bank. This form can be found under ‘Credit Card application forms’ on the OFS web.

Important contacts

If you have any problems or questions, contact the Card Administrator 

Card Administrator, Office of Financial Services,  9850 1680

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