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Petrol cards

The Purchasing section is responsible for the issue of petrol credit cards to financial units and University staff members.

Petrol cards are for use with University-owned vehicle or vehicle hired or leased by the University for official business.

This topic includes:

Obtaining a petrol card

Financial units that own or regularly hire vehicles can obtain petrol cards for the use of their staff. The Head of the financial unit is responsible for the use of these cards.

Staff operating vehicles under the salary sacrifice scheme can also obtain petrol cards.

Normally petrol cards are organised when a vehicle is purchased. Financial units can request additional cards by sending a memo to the Purchasing section.

You need to supply the following information:

  • Goods and services required, for example, unleaded petrol, oil, gas diesel
  • Supplier company, for example, Shell Australia, Caltex, Mobil
  • Account name and number (11 digits) from which to pay invoices
  • Financial unit name or individual staff member's name.

Petrol cards must be collected, and signed for, in person from the Purchasing office.

Using your petrol card

You can use the petrol card at service stations of the company issuing the card. You can only purchase the goods approved for the card. When tendering the petrol card, you are required to give the vehicle registration number and its odometer reading.

Checking your petrol card account

It is your responsibility to verify the petrol card charges each month.

Fuel is charged at the supplier's published monthly government price or the bowser price whichever is lower.

Renewals of petrol cards

When petrol cards are due for renewal, you receive a memo from Purchasing. You need to pick up and sign for the new card from the Purchasing office and hand in your old card.

Cancelling a petrol card

To cancel a petrol card, send a memo to the Purchasing section.

Lost or theft of a petrol card

If your card is lost or stolen, you must notify the Purchasing section immediately. If the loss or theft occurs out of business hours, you should contact the supplier of the card directly and advise the Purchasing section as soon as possible.



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