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Applying for a credit card

Cards are available by applying to the Office of Financial Services using the appropriate application forms.

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Two forms are required:

  1. The University’s Application for University business card (Word)
  2. The ANZ Banks Cardholder registration form (PDF)

NOTE: If you are a new employee, it is a requirement to hold approved delegation of University Funds. As a result you will also need to complete the Financial delegation authority (Word) form.

Completing the University application form

  • Please complete all questions on the form
  • The form must be signed by your Head of Department.

Completing the ANZ Cardholder Registration Form

To complete the ANZ Cardholder Registration form:

  • Complete section 2, filling in your name and monthly/transaction limits.
  • Complete section 3, date of birth and security code.
  • Sign section 5 in the ‘Cardholders signature box’
  • Leave all other sections blank including the reverse side of the form
  • Attach it to the University’s "Application for University Business Card" and send both forms to your financial unit administrator.


The process from there is that the financial unit  forward the forms with the appropriate recommendation to the Card Administrator in Financial Services who will arrange for the Bank to issue a new card.

The prospective cardholder is advised when the card is ready to be picked up from Financial Services. It is anticipated that this will be about 5 working days from the Bank receiving the application. 

Cardholders must pick the card up in person and will be required to sign an acknowledgement form. They will receive a Business Card User Pack and be given a short orientation and training session in the use of the card.

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