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Delivery and acceptance of goods and services

The University operates a central store for receipt of goods ordered. The Central Store is located on campus at Gate 1, 105 Culloden Road, North Ryde.

When goods are delivered to the Central Store, the Stores Receiving staff print a Store Delivery Advice (SDA) from the order in Finance One. The SDA and the consignment are delivered to the financial unit. If the order is a blanket order, a copy of the supplier's delivery docket is sent with the SDA.

This SDA form provides details of all items delivered. A financial unit officer must sign for receipt of the goods at the financial unit.

A copy of the SDA is left with the officer concerned and the original is returned to the Purchasing section with the delivery driver.

It is the responsibility of the financial unit to check the quality and quantity of the goods received. Report any discrepancies to the Purchasing section within 48 hours for corrective action. If discrepancies are not reported, payment of the invoice will proceed within the negotiated settlement terms.


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