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US Private Loan

Private loan is an alternative loan for the educational expenses of International students who are not eligible for US Direct Loan program, or who may prefer to apply for Private Loans instead of US Federal loans (DLP).

If you intend to apply for the private loan, you need to submit your application directly to the loan provider, and provide a copy of the loan application (or the loan MPN-Master of Promissory Notes). You may also need to request the loan provider to send the loan certification form to Macquarie University.

This MPN and/or certification form must be a pre-completed certification form, containing your personal and loan application information, eg. Social Security Number, US address, date of birth, loan amount, etc. Please forward the MPN/certification form and a copy of your course Letter of Offer to the University at:

Financial Aid Administrator
Macquarie International
Level 1, E3A Building
10 Macquarie Walk
NSW 2109
Phone : +61-2-9850-6934
Email :

Once the documents are received, the University will then assess the loan eligibility and certify the loan for disbursement processing. Please note that while students can request for any amount for the private loan, t he maximum amount of a private loan that can be certified will be based on the student’s Cost of Attendance (COA).

Macquarie University does not have any preferred lender, and you are totally free to choose any private lenders available. However, in the past few years, Macquarie University has had many students borrowing from Sallie Mae International (see Smart Option Student loans at ), and we have been working closely with this private loan provider. Please note that the University does not in any way derive income such as commission from any lenders.

You can however, choose your own preferred private lender, as long as the certification form as above is provided to the University.


It is strongly recommended that you plan on having sufficient funds available for any expenses above the Cost of Attendance, and for the first six to eight weeks of classes for accommodation, books, supplies, and any other personal expenses in the event that there is some delay in your financial aid arriving from the US.

When your private loan cheques arrive, you will be required to visit the Fees Inquiry office (Lincoln Building) to endorse the cheque(s) so they can be processed. You also need to complete the Private Loan Disbursement form.

Important Note:

The funds are usually disbursed to students close to and after the commencement of classes. Typically, it is the date your cheque is posted - not the same day that funds are actually available. You should not expect to receive funds prior to arriving in Australia.

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