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US Direct Loan Program (DL)

The Direct Loan Program (DL) is the financial assistance provided by the US Department of Education to eligible students who are enrolled in eligible program at institutions which have Title IV accreditation. Macquarie University is officially approved as a Title IV funds administrator and adheres to the requirements of Title IV funds. This means that eligible US citizen and eligible non-citizens from the United States of America will be able to use their government loan at Macquarie University. There are different types of loan under Title IV programs, including FFELP (defunct from July 1, 2010), Direct loans, Pell Grant and Perkins Loan. The later two are not available to institutions outside United States.

For your comparison, the average of total student loan indebtedness from students who borrowed Title IV loans at Macquarie University (cumulative from 2007 to 2015) was USD$ $21,968.59. Macquarie University’s latest Title IV Cohort Default Rate is 2.8 for the fiscal year 2013.

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