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Cost of Attendance

(2017 figures shown in Australian dollars only). All the figures are periodically reviewed and subject to changes on annual basis.

Expense Amount Explanation
Tuition Various Dependant on your program of study.
Books/Equipment AU$500 Per Study Period
Living expenses AU$32,000 Per Annum, this includes Rent/board, food, transport and utilities such as electricity, phone and internet.
OSHC Various Course Duration (based on Worldcare OSHC rates).
Airfare Allowance AU$2,000 Per year.
Computer AU$1,200 One-off average cost of a laptop computer

If you have non-standard expenses, you may request that they be considered, however there is no guarantee they will be included on the Cost of Attendance. You must provide evidence of these costs. This may include receipts, quotes or letters which must be certified by the appropriate authority.

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