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Personal accident insurance for students

The University provides Personal Accident insurance to its students (including students of the Sydney Institute of Business & Technology) in respect of:

  • Academic activities [ i.e. whilst on campus, class field trips/excursions/research & observation visits, field placement, work experience, practicum’s and community outreach programs (including travelling but not the daily commuting to and from Uni ) ] directly related to an approved course and all other associated activities relative which are authorized by the University.
  • Non-academic activities ( viz University supported sporting or other sub club activities).

  The cover is restricted to Australia.

The benefits under Personal Accident Insurance are:

  • Capital Benefits ( death, disablement )
  • Weekly Injury benefit ( loss of income )
  • Non- Medicare Medical expenses
  • Out of pocket expenses ( non-income earner )
  • HECS and/or Post Graduate Fees
  • Domestic Help ( non-income earners )
  • Student Tutorial.
  • Bed care benefit
  • Injury Assistance Benefit
  • Home Modification Benefit     

An organisation hosting a student on work experience normally requires written confirmation that the student has the necessary insurance in place, namely, Personal Accident and Public Liability.

Following approval and recommendation from an appropriate officer ( course supervisor ), a Department Head or authorised delegate can issue a letter of confirmation in respect of work experience. A sample letter is located under Finance Services, Finance Forms.

The University provides insurance cover for its undergraduates participating in work experience in the following cases;

  • The work experience is done at the direction of the University as part of their course, or
  • The work is approved in writing by the Head of Division, as being relevant to the student’s program of study.

Please note that the University has also arranged Personal Injury for its Volunteers, those engaged in voluntary work authorised and under the control of the University.

Work experience and community outreach programs

Students other than those officially enrolled at Macquarie University who wish to attend the University for a short period of work experience, or who wish to participate in some community outreach program arranged by the University, should be advised that the University does not carry personal accident cover in such instances. The organisers of such programs and activities should advertise this fact on the relevant program/brochure and should sight from the individual/participating body evidence of personal accident cover for the duration of the course/activity.



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