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Periods of retention

The minimum periods of retention of the original accounting records after the date of examination of the University's accounts by the auditors are listed in the table below.

Item Retention period
Banking records
Bank Deposit Book 1 year
Bank Statements 1 year
Cash Sheet copies 6 years
Cancelled Cheques 2 years
Daily List of Paid Cheques 1 year
Unpresented Cheque Lists 1 year
Stoppage of Cheque Payment Notices - copies  2 years
Daily and weekly revenue
Dissections  1 year
Dishonoured cheques 2 years
Postal remittance books 6 years
Receipt butts  6 years
Deposit books 1 year
Cheque listings  1 year
Receipt books 5 years
Current debts
Batches debtors system (Lib/Pk) 5 years
Current Debts ID302 - Retain end of year status only 6 years
Edits and summary ID204,206 - end of year status only 2 years
Expenditure  records
Cost Cards (after job completion) 2 years
* Costing Records, Dissection Sheets  2 years
Non-Order Payment Request forms 6 years
Invoices 6 years
Petty Cash Books 2 years
Postage Books 2 years
Voucher Register on Computer Printouts 2 years
All balances BFE103 - retain end of year status only 6 years
Audit trail BFE300  2 years
Batches  5 years
Non-order Payment request forms 6 years
Edit reports BFE100,114  2 years
Refund request report BFE109 cheque report AP322T 6 years
(BFE-Finance One interface requests)  
Ledger Records
Audit Sheets-Ledger Posting (after balancing) 2 years
Copies of Sundry Debtor Accounts  6 years
Debtor Ledger Cards 6 years
General Ledger 20 years
Journals 6 years
Other Records
FBT records  6 years
Remittance advices 2 years
Reports from Finance One  2 years
Petty cash
Petty cash envelopes  2 years
PC recoup register 2 years
PC record books 2 years
Register of petty cash floats for the life of the floats
Purchasing Records
Customs Documents  5 years
Delivery docket 2 years
Purchase order  6 years
Purchase requisition  2 years
Trade Creditors Chart 2 years
Receipt Records
Cash Register Reading Books 2 years
Cash Register Rolls and Analysis Printouts 2 years
Revenue section accounts clerk
Cash register rolls 2 years
Daily cash analysis envelopes 5 years
Dishonoured cheque folder & register 2 years
Microfilm of daily cash analysis envelope contents 6 years
Register revenue daily cash analysis microfilm references 2 years

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