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Direct sales of goods and services

Financial units should require payment for goods or services prior to providing the goods or services unless credit arrangements have been made.

If the person attends in person to pay, either of two methods can be used:

  1. Accept the payment and issue an official receipt.
  2. Arrange payment through the cashier, as follows:

(a) Fill out a receipt form (Excel) and include all necessary details such as name and address of person, amount, details of sale and account to be credited.

(b) Give the receipt form to the attending person and send that person to the cashier's office during normal opening hours.

(c) The Cashier takes the cash, cheques and/or credit cards and generates a receipt from Student One. This is now an official receipt.

(d) The person returns with the original of the receipt.

Provide the goods or services to the person and mark on the original receipt that the goods have been received.


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