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Staff directory

The Office of Financial Services is organised in four sections:


Central Financial Services

Position Name Phone
Chief Financial Officer Robin Payne x7201
Executive Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer Michele Harris x7201

Planning and Performance

Position Name Phone
Director - Planning and Performance Dave Lovelace x7236
Management Accounting
Head of Management Accounting Mark Herdman x7202
Management Accountant Sharon Chong x4796
Faculty of Business & Economics    
Finance Manager Cathy Davey x4774
Finance Officer Mira Xu x4763
Finance Officer Michelle Montano x4905
Finance Officer Amy Cho x4853
Faculty of Arts    
Finance Manager Simon To x8735
Finance Officer Elsa Lee x8884
Faculty of Human Sciences    
Finance Manager Simon Tilley x9853
Finance Coordinator Chandera Rajah x8064
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences    
Finance Manager Kumudhini Perera x7436
Finance Officer Deepal Chandra x3520
Faculty of Science and Engineering    
Finance Manager Ben Clark x8018
Finance Coordinator Christopher Evans x8421
MQ Property    
Finance Manager Theresa Han x4101
Finance Officer Jina Cai x7126
Finance Assistant Paul Tsang x7122
Finance Manager Offices Sukumar Narayanan x1684
Finance Coordinator (DVC Academic) Chris Zhang x7436
Finance Coordinator (Marketing) Namita Mehta x1038
Finance Coordinator (DVC Research) Bita Nadersepahi x4192
Macquarie International    
Finance Manager Yan Jiang x8503
Finance Coordinator Sylvania Wong x6934
Finance Officer Richard Maher x6329
Finance Officer Yoshiko Makita x6943
Finance Assistant Elvie Anwar x6454
Financial Planning & Budgeting
Financial Planning and Budgeting Manager Vacant x9630
Financial Planning and Budgeting Coordinator Asanka Sapumanage x7243
Financial Costing and Planning Systems Analyst Christopher Kim x7244
Systems Manager Eswari Chellappah x8689
Senior Business Systems Analyst Manual Diaz Jr x4794
Business Systems Analyst, Projects & Support Simon Jones x7215
Systems Accountant Hien Tran x7225
Systems Analyst Talha Syed x7212
Student One, Business Systems Analyst Vandhana Rup x7247
Student One, Business Systems Analyst Fouzia Zia x4792
Report Developer Madana Angannan x7204
Technical Support Officer Frank He x7211

Financial Control & Treasury

Position Name Phone
Director - Financial Control & Treasury Clare Jeffries x7207
Group Accounting Manager Klara Lyons x7369
Financial Reporting Manager Lauren Pickles x1678
Senior Financial Accountant Zaklina Milenkoski x7245
Financial Reporting Accountant Suchitra Patki x7210
Financial Accountant Jacqueline Van Spanje
Financial Reporting Officer Stephanie Grolimund x7264
Financial Reporting Officer Denise Zhang x4793
Financial Reporting Officer Emmy Milan x7224
Financial Accountant Vera Wei x1686


Position Name Phone
Director - Operations Andrew Hallman x7235
Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable Manager (Acting) Sujan Regmi x1674
Accounts Payable Officer (Accounts Setup) Nitisha Tripathi x1677
Accounts Payable Officer Moya Peng x1682
Accounts Payable Officer Dorothea Pallasser x1675
Accounts Payable Officer Ryan Zhang x1676
Accounts Payable Officer Raymond Huang x1687
Senior Accounts Payable Officer (Tax & Reconciliations) Sara Guan x1673
Senior Accounts Payable Officer (Tax & Payments) Jhansi Nalavenkata x1681
Purchasing Manager Belinda Anderson x1679
Purchasing Officer Vicki Waugh x1672
Purchasing Officer Muhammad Alam x1669
Credit Card Administrator Sarah Poole x1680
Stores Officer Vacant x1688
Stores Officer Geoffrey Morton x1690
Revenue Services
Revenue Services Manager Mary Clavin x7227
Revenue Officer Roshan Visvanathan x6411
Revenue Officer (Banking) Daisy Kaur x7223
Revenue Officer (Refunds) Lakmini Walgama x7232
Revenue Officer (Student Loans) Annie Patricio x7239
Revenue Officer (Accounts Receivable) Angela Vu x7205
Cashier Stanley Tsang x7228
Cashier (on maternity leave) Vicky Xiao x7228

Systems - Financial Services

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