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Fund Raising Activities

GST will generally be applicable to fund raising events. At a typical $1,000 a-plate fundraising dinner, none of the $1,000 can be considered as gift, even though the value of the dinner may be $100. Similarly if a person at charity pays $500 for an item worth $50, no part of the $500 is treated as gift .

However as charitable organisation, the University may choose to treat certain fund-raising events as input taxed. Where this choice is made, the University does not charge GST on fund-raising events and will not be able to claim back input tax credits on acquisitions made in relation to those events

Eligible events include:

  • a fete, ball, gala show, dinner, performance or similar event. A similar event may include a charity auction
  • events involving the sale of fund raising goods for $20 or less, such as confectionary, flowers and chocolates, provided this is not part of the charity’s business. The sale of alcoholic or tobacco products will disqualify the event
  • events approved by the Tax Office. This will require an application to be made by the charity. The Tax Office will need to be satisfied that the event is genuinely for fund raising, is not part of the business and is for the direct benefit of the charity

An event will not be eligible if there are more than 15 such fund raising events in any one income year.

If  an election is made, it will apply to all supplies made in connection with the event. A record of the election must be made and retained for at least five years.

Please note that the University does not elect for any of its fund raising events as input taxed.



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