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Finance Glossary

This glossary contains terms and abbreviations used in the Office of Financial Services. It also includes explanations of some of the fields in Finance One.

Glossary - A

Academic Staffing Model

Model used by the Academic Staffing Committee to determine where academic positions may be filled and at what level of permanency or contract.


An identifier in the Chart of Accounts of where funds may be credited or debited. Can be an operating grant (funds supplied by the DETYA through the University) or special purpose for grants, research projects, donations, and so forth.

Account Name (Finance One)

Full name is not used very often except in the full details screens. Set up when account is set up (40 characters) and will be chosen by Finance Office.

Account Short Name (Finance One)

Will print out on many reports. Set up when account is set up (15 characters) and can be chosen by financial unit.

Accounting Officer

Section 4 Public Finance and Audit Act defines an accounting officer as a person who by any law, regulation or appointment:

    • Is charged with the duty of collecting or receiving, or who actually collects or receives, or who is charged with the duty of disbursing, or who actually disburses, any, public (University) money
    • Is authorised to commit or incur the expenditure of public (University) money
    • Is charged with a duty relating to the keeping of accounts with respect to public (University) money
    • Is charged with a duty relating to the purchase, receipt, issue, sale, custody, control, management or disposal of, or the accounting for, public (University) property or who actually keeps in the custody, controls, manages, disposes of, or accounts for, public (University) property.
Accounts Payable

A section of the Office of Financial Services. 


Australian Company Number.


Australian Postgraduate Award.


Australian Research Council

Asset Register

A record of University assets maintained by the Asset management section


Australian Taxation Office

Australian Postgraduate Award (APA)

 Competitive grant from DETYA which is allocated for research degree candidates each year.

Australian Research Council

A federally funded agency that allocates competitive annual research grants.

Authorising officer

An officer appointed by the Vice-Chancellor with the power to authorise payment of accounts in accordance with Section 13(a) Public Finance and Audit Act.

Glossary - B


A Novell Netware fileserver run by the Office Financial Services and providing access to finance related tools and data.

Batch Name (Finance One)

Identifier for journal vouchers typed up and processed in a group (or batch). Only used by OFS. By a Macquarie convention, the initials of the operator are part of the name .


Fees system using by Revenue Section. See Fees System.


Buildings & Grounds Office

BU Inventory (Finance One)

Field on requisition screen. The options are yes or no depending on whether the BU wants to track the item for its asset management. The university inventory system is separate from this system and does not depend on this field being filled in.

BU Reference (Finance One)

Field on requisition screen. Identifier used by the financial unit for a transaction. Free choice of up to 8 characters. The financial unit must keep its own track of numbers allocated. Can be searched on in most enquiry screens. Also known as  Secondary Reference.

Budget Unit Code (Finance One)

A two digit code designating the financial unit.


A staff member of the Purchasing section who checks and releases purchase requisitions.

Buyer field (Finance One)

Initials of one of the Buyers. Use * if entering a requisition. The initials are allocated by Purchasing when they check the requisition.

Glossary - C

Capital Asset

Assets that are to be recorded in the balance sheet of the financial statements.

Centre (the)

Central Administration of Macquarie University comprising the Vice-Chancellor's, Registrar's, Personnel, Finance Services Offices.


Organisations within Schools recognised by Academic Senate which operate somewhat independently usually because of particular research programs. See also Inter-disciplinary Centres

Certifying officer

An officer who may certify any of the following:

    • Goods received were in accordance with the order and in good condition
    • Services were performed in accordance with contract or agreements
    • Rates, extensions and calculations of documents received for payment, are correct.

More than one officer may be involved in the above processes. Those officers involved need not necessarily be officers who have the authority to incur or commit expenditure.

Chart of Accounts

The document describing the account names and codes available for use within Macquarie University .

Claim forms

Non-order Payment Requests


No longer used. Groupings of Schools for administrative purposes.


Centre for Open Education (previously Centre for Evening & External Studies). Handles non-award (single unit), and short courses.




Co-operative Research Centre. A joint research centre established by a combination of several organisations or institutions with funding from a government grant and industry input.


Compulsory Third Party Insurance (Green Slip) - required when applying for registration of a motor vehicle.


Curriculum Vitae - Resume of personal details, education, qualifications and experience.

Glossary - D


Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs

Delivery Report (Finance One)

Standard system generated report on a delivery. User selection on items and content. Can only be printed out when the item is in the delivery stage. Before delivery the order report must be used. See also Order Report , Requisition Report


Government department now replaced by Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs

Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs (DETYA)

Federal Government body which controls much of the running of the Universities including operating grant funding.


Where goods are allocated to valid accounts. Accounts are chosen by the financial units. When funds checking is turned on, there is immediate feedback on the level of the funds in the chosen account. 

Document Register

Holds valid lists of reference numbers known to the system and attached to various fields. 4 registers per financial unit. System generated, unique and consecutive. Requisition numbers, Order numbers, Order amendment numbers, Unplanned delivery numbers.


Deputy Vice-Chancellor. There are three such officers in the University who hold the positions immediately below the Vice-Chancellor. The three positions are DVC (Administration), DVC (Academic) and DVC (Research)


Design and Visual Production - Department under the control of the Registrar and Vice-Principal. Provides design, artwork, desktop publishing, photographic developing and video services.

Glossary - E


Equivalent Full-Time Student Unit

End User Name & Phone (Finance One)

Name of the staff member who will finally receive the goods. Chosen by the financial unit.

End User Unit or Branch (Finance One)

Section or sub-section of the financial unit where the end user is located. Chosen by the financial unit. If the financial unit is not organised into sections, this field can be left blank or be the same as the Sub-Location

Equipment Committee

A committee of the University which decides on the allocation of major equipment funds each year.

Equivalent Full-Time Student Unit (EFTSU)

Used as a standard measure of student load across the University for statistical and budgeting purposes.

Glossary - F


Fringe Benefits Tax - imposed by the Australian Tax Office on some non-salary benefits received by University staff. Paid by the relevant financial unit.

Field (Finance One)

A place on the computer screen which either shows you information or allows you to enter information into a program.

Finance Office

Office of Financial Services

Finance One

The computerised financial management information system used at Macquarie. It is supplied and supported by a Brisbane-based company: Technology One. It runs on a Unix computer and can have up to 64 concurrent users.

Financial unit

A financial unit is a discrete part of the University, a School, Centre, or Office, to which the University Council has devolved certain financial management and staffing responsibilities.


Financial Management Information System. The University uses a financial management information system called Finance One. Finance One.

Funds Checking (Finance One)

On-line process where a transaction is not approved unless there are sufficient funds to cover it. In the purchasing system, the balance of the account is always given.

Glossary - G


Includes, without limiting the generality of the expression, plant, machinery, motor vehicles, tools, furniture, floor coverings, office equipment, other equipment, scientific apparatus, appliances and provisions .

Goods for Resale? (Finance One)

Field on requisition screen. The only valid options are yes or no. Goods for resale must have sales tax paid. Chosen by the financial unit depending on the use of the goods.


Graduate School of the Environment. See Inter-disciplinary Centre


Graduate School of Management. See Inter-disciplinary Centre

Glossary - H


Higher Education Contribution Scheme

HD1, HD2, HD3

Higher degree Codes 1, 2 and 3. Used in Divisional Funding Model to indicate higher degree research subjects with least(1), medium(2) and highest(3) cost input required. See also UG1, PG1.

Glossary - I


Institute of Early Childhood, one of the schools.

In contract

Goods or services that are recorded on schedules prepared by State or Commonwealth Governments. Also, any contracts, agreements or list of preferred suppliers deemed as such by the Manager, Purchasing Services.

Interdisciplinary Centres

There are two recognised interdisciplinary centres in the University, both using a covering title, which operate as totally independent Schools. Both the Graduate School of the Environment and the Graduate School of Management are interdisciplinary centres.

Inv.for BU Cert. (Finance One)

Field on requisition screen. Positive Certification required on the invoice before payment will be approved. 


International Standard Book Numbers - Unique worldwide identifier for all published books. Macquarie University is an agent for the National Library of Australia. ISBNs are allocated by the Publications Unit.


International Standard Serial Numbers - Unique worldwide identifier for all published serials. Macquarie University is an agent for the National Library of Australia. ISSNs are allocated by the Publications Unit.

Glossary - J

There are no glossary entries for J.

Glossary - K

There are no glossary entries for K.

Glossary - L

L Code

Field on the General Journal (JV) form. It stands for Ledger Code and is the ledger that the journal will affect. See also Budget Unit Code.

Ledger (Finance One)

The place where the transactions are recorded. Information can be sent to ledgers and reported back from ledgers. Comparisons can be made between them, for example, actuals versus budgets. 

Location (Finance One)

Field on requisition screen. Has only one value - UNI - Macquarie University 

Glossary - M

MU Delivery Point (Finance One)

Field on requisition screen. Location for internal delivery of the goods. Could be a store, a dock or an office. Chosen by the financial unit. This is where the Stores Delivery driver is to deliver the goods. This is a mandatory field.


Macquarie University New Staff Research Grants; type of MURG.


Macquarie University Postgraduate Research Award;  type of MURG.


Macquarie University Research Fellowship; type of MURG.


Macquarie University Research Grant.

Glossary - N


National Centre for English Language Teaching and Research. A centre within the School of English, Linguistics and Media.


National Health and Medical Research Council

Non-order Payment Requests

Purchases of goods or services made without following the normal requisition, order and delivery procedure. Only available for special classes of purchases. Previously known as claim forms.


National Roads & Motorists Association

Glossary - O

Obsolete Assets

Any asset that is of no further use to the University or has little or no resale value.


Office of Computing Services


The non-School or non-academic units on campus that receive a proportion of operating grant funding.

Office of Financial Services

Section of the University that deals with budgeting, assistance to financial units, finance systems, purchasing, accounting and asset management. 

Operating budget

Federal government grants plus other income to pay for basic operating costs of the university. Previously called Recurrent Budget.


The proprietary name of the underlying database used by both the PMIS and Finance One. Information is stored in the database and is retrieved from it using an application such as 'Finance One', 'Concept' or SQL


Official contract between the University and a supplier of goods or services including any conditions including agreed payment.

Order Number (Finance One)

Automatically allocated from the Document Register. This number can be searched on in retrieving information. 

Order Reference (Finance One)

See BU Reference (Finance One)

Order Report (Finance One)

Standard system generated report on an order. User selection on items and content. Can only be printed out when the item is in an order stage. See also Requisition Report, Delivery Report

Order Type (Finance One)

Field on requisition screen. Standard (STD), blanket (BKT) or standing (STA). Type of order that can be generated by the system. 


One requisition per order, one delivery.


One requisition per order and many deliveries. 


Many orders per requisition, each order gets one delivery.


Outside Studies Program. Academic leave to study outside this campus

Out of contract

Goods or services that are procured by the calling of quotations and tenders.

Glossary - P

PAYE tax

Pay as you earn tax. Income tax This is the tax taken out of the employee's pay by the University each pay period and forwarded to the Australian Tax Office on the employee's behalf.

Per diem

Daily allowance which may be paid to staff when they are absent from home, and from the work place, on University business at the discretion of the Head of the financial unit.

PG1, PG2, PG3

Postgraduate Code 1, 2 or 3. Used in Divisional Funding Model to indicate postgraduate teaching subjects with least(1), medium(2) and highest(3) cost input required.


Post-Graduate Research Fund 


Personnel Management Handbook, issued by the Personnel Office.


The Personnel Management Information System used at Macquarie.

Positive Certification (Finance One)

See Inv. for BU Cert.

Processing Group (Finance One)

The basic grouping of accounts in the chart of accounts for Finance One which separates the recording of the actuals (A processing group) from the budgets (B processing group). 


See Purchasing section

Purchasing section

A section of Purchasing Services in the Office of Financial Services. Purchasing can be contacted on x7251 or x7253.

Glossary - Q


An agreement by a supplier to supply goods and services of a particular nature for a certain price. Quotations can be obtained verbally or in writing.

Quotation (Finance One)

This field is to put in details of the quotations received. The first line is a mandatory field. Put NA if quotations are not applicable to this purchase.

Glossary - R


Research Infrastructure Equipment Funding Program 

Recurrent funding

See Operating Budget


A pre-order commitment placed by a financial unit and approved by an officer with sufficient delegated authority.

Requisition Number (Finance One)

From Document Register and can be searched on. Example: 04R000010 is from financial unit 04 and is requisition 10. Note the R stands for requisition. See also Document Register.

Requisition Reference (Finance One)

See BU Reference (Finance One)

Requisition Report (Finance One)

Standard system generated report on a requisition. User selection on items and content. Can only be printed out when the item is in a requisition stage. After requisition stage the order report must be used. See also Order Report, Delivery Report.

Requisitioner (Finance One)

Staff member originating requisition. Chosen by the financial unit


Relative Funding Model which was the precursor to the current Divisional Funding Model. The term was initially used by DEET (now DETYA) in giving funding to the universities. 

Glossary - S

Sales Tax

Payable on goods that are sold by the University. Items such as photocopy paper that subsequently has costs recovered must have sales tax paid for. See Goods for Resale.


See Store Delivery Advice

Secondary Reference (Finance One)

See BU Reference (Finance One)


Includes, without limiting the generality of the expression, advising, consultancies, installations and the performance of professional or trade operations of any kind, including major building works.


Structured Query Language. A computer term referring to the language of the database in which information is stored. Using this language information is passed to and from it the database. This standard language is used by most modern database systems as it is a powerful and flexible data retrieval tool.

SQL script

A database program. A particular request to send information to and from the database in a specified form.

STA Travel

Travel agent situated in the Student Union Building, x 8442

Status (Finance One)

Field on requisition screen. Status of the requisition. Use * if entering a requisition. Used by Purchasing to track status of a requisition. Possible status codes are as follows: C = Cancelled, M = Maintenance Order, O = Order Print Ready, Q = Quotation requested, R = Referred to financial unit, T = Transferred. When ready to be an order, the status is set to O.

Store Delivery Advice (SDA)

 Printed by the Purchasing Services to accompany goods delivered to financial units.

Sub Location (Finance One)

Financial unit. 26 of these at Macquarie indicated by code. They basically refer to divisions, departments and offices. e.g. 04 - financial unit 04

Supplier Contact (Finance One)

Field on requisition screen. The sales person or contact at the vendor company. Designated by the financial unit. This appears on the order to ensure that the order is sent to the correct area.

Supply Office

See Purchasing section

Glossary - T


Trade Creditors


Tertiary Education Superannuation Scheme

Trade Creditors

Companies from whom goods or services have been purchased and who are awaiting payment.

Glossary - U

UG1, UG2, UG3, UG4

Undergraduate Codes 1, 2, 3 or 4. Used in Divisional Funding Model to indicate undergraduate teaching subjects with least(1), medium(2), high(3) and highest(4) cost input required. See PG1, HD1

University money

Includes: (a) Securities and all revenue, loans and other money whatever, collected, received or held by, for or on account of the University (b) Money that is directed to be paid to the University's Operating or Special Purpose Funds.

University property

Includes all property, other than University money, held by any person for, or on behalf of, the University. This includes all assets purchased from funds administered by the University, except where an agreement to the contrary is part of the conditions associated with a particular grant, contract or so forth.  

Glossary - V

There are no glossary entries for V.

Glossary - W


Weighted Equivalent Full-Time Student Units 

Weighted Equivalent Full Time Student Unit (WEFTSU)

Used in the Divisional Funding Model.

Glossary - X

There are no glossary entries for X

Glossary - Y

There are no glossary entries for Y

Glossary - Z

There are no glossary entries for Z

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