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Asset management

The asset records of the University are maintained in accordance with the Asset management Policy and Procedures. Questions regarding these policies and procedures should be directed to the Business Services Unit 9850 7272 or the Office of Financial Services 9850 7236 , which is located in Y6A. 

Asset management Procedures and Guidelines: Responsibilities and procedures for staff managing and recording assets

Follow links for detailed information on Macquarie University Asset management:

  1. Overview of Asset management

    1.1 Capital Asset
    1.2 Attractive Items
    1.3 Obsolete Assets

  2. Recording of Assets

    2.1 What Assets Need to Be Recorded?

  3. Responsibility for Asset management

    3.1 Responsibilities of Head of Division/Office
    3.2 Responsibilities of Asset Liaison Officers in Division/Office/Department
    3.3 Responsibilities of Asset management Section

  4. Assets Stored Off Campus
  5. Stocktaking

    5.1 Stocktaking responsibilities of the Asset management Section
    5.2 Stocktaking responsibilities of Divisions/offices/Departments
    5.3 Responsibility of Heads of Divisions/Office

  6. Depreciation Of Assets
  7. Disposal Of Assets

    7.1 Approval To Dispose
    7.2 Methods Of Disposal
    7.3 Advertising
    7.4 Sale Of Assets Valued less than $2,000
    7.5 Sale Of Assets Valued $2,000 to $5,000
    7.6 Sale Of Assets Valued More Than $5,000
    7.7 Asset Written Off
    7.8 Transfer Of Assets To Other Organisations

    (i) Assets For Current Research Projects
    (ii) Other Assets
    (iii) Division/Office/Department Responsibilities

    7.9 Transfer Of Assets Within The University
    7.10 Disposal Of Motor Vehicles

    (i) Vehicles To Be Auctioned
    (ii) Vehicles To Be Traded In

    7.11 Theft Of Assets
    7.12 Reporting Of Disposal of Assets (Sale, Transfer and Written Off)
    7.13 Processing Of Disposal

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